Chihlimbar paper manufacturer


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Paper manufacturer 1992 , specializing in the manufacture of toilet paper, kitchen towels and rolls, towels, industrial and medical rolls.

The company manufactures a variety of national brands and its own brands: traditional distribution network, hyper- and national supermarkets (shelving and household goods), pharmacies, hospitals, airports, gas stations, etc. For. The products we manufacture are quite diverse to meet the needs of individual customers, and with the technology you purchase, the company facilitates the flexibility and quality you want for every potential customer or loyal customer. The SC CHIHLIMBAR SRL logistics park is at the disposal of our customers in order to comply promptly and exemplarily with their individual orders. The staff of the company is a unified and compact team able to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a day.

Outside of our competitors, we offer high-speed delivery (at the expected quality level), orders and delivery security. Our company has the capacity to complete any large order within 72 hours.
"Our dream is to continue the activity of the factory and we want the third generation to grow here as well."


Performance, Responsibility, Devotion, these are values ​​that we, the Chihlimbar team, follow in our path for development and innovation. The company's wide range of products customized and tailored to the client's requirements, children's soft products, elegance and simplicity for the ladies, practical and useful for the gentlemen, are all the result of the work of a successful team dedicated to all clients.


“Feel the Difference”
Our products are made of cellulose and recycled paper, carefully selected, in accordance with the highest standards of hygiene and quality. easy. Whatever ideas you have, we help you put it into practice in the most creative way possible. You just have to think about something special, and our team will actually translate any kind of project into you. We want the experience of our consumers to be a pleasant and comfortable one.


The Chihlimbar family means beautiful people, people who grow professionally and personally together, with a native inclination towards people, and an understanding of the unwritten rules that govern life, progress and organizations. The Chihlimbar family's objective is to strengthen successful relationships with other people, partners, customers, suppliers and collaborators, relationships based on a long-term vision.
The Chihlimbar paper mill, with a tradition of more than 27 years in the field of paper processing, has managed to maintain an upward trend, both through innovations and investments in the refurbishment of production lines.